Make Your Way In (CD)

Make Your Way In (CD)

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  1. How It Feels to Fly

  2. Mining The Lost Years

  3. Hundreds of Ways

  4. Make Your Way In

  5. I Want To Be Surprised Again

  6. Contradance

  7. Her Song

  8. Animal Noise

  9. Odysseus

  10. Rebel

  11. Tokyo Bay

  12. Make Me an Instrument



Marc Anderson: hand percussion

Jim Anton: electric bass, fretless electric bass

Dean Magraw: lead acoustic guitar, slide acoustic guitar, electric bass

John Munson: upright bass

Joe Savage: pedal steel guitar

Jeff Victor: piano, B3 organ, Wurlitzer electric piano, musette


Room voices: Carrie, Tim, Esther, and Svea Frantzich, Allison Fendrick, and Giovanni Gonzalez

Produced by Brother Timothy

Engineered, mixed, mastered by Rob Genadek

Photographs by Dylan Hughes

Photograms from a series titled “Persephone (with her ear to the ground)” by Laine Keuhn

We Think that the only thing that can bring the collective us together is to uncompromisingly choose love. Easier said than done sometimes! The content of this project reflects that notion.

Singing is a form of meditation for us. As we repeat songs hundreds of times, it gives them an almost mantra status in our lives. We hope that you will sing these words with us into being.

We have witnessed fragile and exquisite hearts these last couple of years and they have taught us a lot. Special thanks to all of you Lovers out there!

With our love, Madeline Fendrick and Brian Peck