Madeline Fendrick - guitar, vocals

Brian Peck - mandolin

Great Great Grandpa Rudolph

Let me tell you a story from long ago, but not too far away

About my Great Great Grandpa Rudolph and how he used his gun one day


It was in Fairbury, Illinois that robbers roamed the roads

With no lamps except on Main they were robbing folks in droves

My Great Great Grandpa Rudolph ran the streetcar company

And had to take the payroll home in a pocket above his knee


He was walking home one starry night when a rustling caught his ear

He jumped about a foot in the air, those robbers he did fear

With his Smith and Weston 38 clutched tightly in his hand

He took a breath, shook himself, knew he had to take a stand


When he stopped walking the rustling stopped, he walked and it did too

When he couldn't take it anymore he called, "I hear you!

I'm not afraid to use it! If you take a step I'll shoot!"

Well that noise started up again, the old gun went KAPOW

The bad guy slumped down to the ground

Turns out Rudolph killed a cow


The story it has traveled many grandkids down

About that night in Illinois in Fairbury town

ANd if you'd really like to know I guess I should confess

His son's son's still got the gun locked up in his writing desk